JorZine - AMADEUS AWAD - Female Vocalist Joins The Band

AMADEUS AWAD - Female Vocalist Joins The Band


Lebanese guitar maestro AMADEUS AWAD has announced Natalie Ziyadeh as his band's new female vocalist. He posted the following statement on his Facebook Page: "[Great] news from the front. We are glad to announce that the beautiful Cisco 642-874 and amazingly talented vocalist Natalie [Ziyadeh] has joined our prog wagon. As you all know music is my self-expression ipad sleeve mechanism, and I have waited for so long to find a female voice that can speak my mind in the best way possible and here she is. Please help me welcome Natalie to the mad camp."Cisco 642-902

Natalie Ziyadeh will make her debut with AMADEUS AWAD on the guitarist's upcoming concert, which will take place on Thursday 27th February at Quadrangle Pub in Beirut, Lebanon.



AMADEUS AWAD recently posted a lyrics video of the song "The Poetry of Time". The song, which features the world-renowned drummer Gavin Harrison (PORCUPINE TREE, OSI, KING CRIMSON...), is taken from the artist's latest EP "Schizanimus".


"The Poetry Of Time" lyrics video can be seen below or clicking HERE



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