JorZine - ZIX - New Album To Be Mixed By Steve Thompson, Title Revealed

ZIX - New Album To Be Mixed By Steve Thompson, Title Revealed


Lebanese female-fronted Heavy Metal band ZIX has announced that the North American Grammy-winning music producer Steve Thompson will mix the band's new album titled "Shadow Of A Dying Sun". He is widely known for mixing Rock/Metal masterpieces such as GUNS N' ROSES' "Appetite For Destruction" and METALLICA's "And Justice For All".


The album features a bunch of world known Metal stars, such as guitarists Ross The Boss (ex-MANOWAR, THE DICTATORS, DEATH DEALER...) David Shankle (DAVID SHANKLE GROUP, ex-MANOWAR) and Stu Marshall (RONNY MUNROE, EMPIRES OF EDEN, DEATH DEALER); drummer Kenny "Rhino" Earl (ex-MANOWAR, ANGELS OF BABYLON, HOLY FORCE...); and lead vocalists Tony Martin (ex-BLACK SABBATH), Blaze Bayley (ex-IRON MAIDEN, WOLFSBANE, BLAZE), Ronny Munroe (METAL CHURCH), Paul Di'Anno (ex-IRON MAIDEN, ex-PRAYING MANTIS, KILLERS) and Lebanon's Dany Deaibess; among many others.



"Shadow Of A Dying Sun" will be ZIX's first full length album and follows up the band's debut EP "The Warwhore". It will be mastered by Maor Appelbaum (ROB HALFORD, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, LITA FORD).


As the band states on its Facebook Page, it's goal is to illuminate the oppression of metal heads and lift the ban on Heavy Metal in this part of the world. For years, metal music lovers, a.k.a. Metal heads, have been oppressed by various religious and political institutions here, resulting in cancelled concerts and unjust arrests. With this project, ZIX hopes to break down these barriers for good.


The band's debut EP "The Warwhore" can be heard clicking HERE


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