JorZine - LOST INSEN - New Album For Streaming And Free Download

LOST INSEN - New Album For Streaming And Free Download


Tunisian Progressive metallers LOST INSEN have set their new album titled "Here After" for streaming and free download. The album features Selim Ben Salah as guest violinist. "Here After" was recorded and produced by Julien Fabre. The artwork was designed by Jonathan and Donovan Caridi.


You can listen to "Here After" and download it for free clicking HERE





1. The Greedy Idiot
2. Dark Passenger
3. When you were here
4. Rain will fall
5. Breaking the walls
6. Salvation Path
7. The way it has to be
8. Freedom, It's all about...



LOST INSEN was formed in 2005 under the name BRAINSTORMING, as a DREAM THEATER band. After some local shows and several line-up changes, they began writing their own songs. The band opened for SYMPHONY X in March 2011 and started months later working on their 1st album. The name of the band is a sort of fusion of an English word and an Arabic one, as 'Insen' means human.


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