JorZine - MATICRUST - To Release Demo Via Placenta Records

MATICRUST - To Release Demo Via Placenta Records


UAE-based Crust/Grindcore band MATICRUST has signed a deal with Placenta Records to release their demo titled "Their Lies". The demo was recorded at White Cube Studios in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


"Their Lies" is available for purchasing clicking HERE





1. Denies and Demise
2. Die in Vain
3. Forced Patriotism
4. Their Lies
5. Identify and Attack
6. Deceived (Extreme Noise Terror cover) [Bonus Track]



MATICRUST are all expats in the U.A.E. hailing from Dubai & Abu Dhabi, originally from the Philippines. Digging back to the roots had made them to pioneer and introduce Crust/Grind/Power-Violence/D-Beat in the U.A.E. where everybody back then had a little nor never heard such acts.


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