JorZine - ACT - New Album Release Date Announced

ACT - New Album Release Date Announced


Turkish Death metallers ACT have set 27th February as the digital IBM 000-018 dumps release date of their upcoming album titled "World's a Stage". The album will be released through Sliptrick Records. Physical copies will be available on 7th March. "World's a Stage" artwork was designed by Umut Içli.Cisco 650-756


You can listen to a preview of "World's a Stage" clicking HERE





01. The Solution
02. Walking on the Path
03. Trapped Nation VCP-510 dumps
04. No Way
05. Fratricidal Quarrel
06. Civil Clash
07. You Owe Us Blood
08. Sanguine
09. It Makes You Right
10. But I Stare
11. The Shattered



You can listen to the song "It Makes You Right", taken from the band's upcoming album, clicking HERE


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