JorZine - MELANCHOLICA - Sign Record Deal With Sombrati Records

MELANCHOLICA - Sign Record Deal With Sombrati Records


The Iranian cello-driven Doom Metal band MELANCHOLICA has signed a record deal with South American label Sombrati Records. The label will release the band's upcoming album titled "Suicidal Depression, 24 Hours", which is composed of 11 instrumental tracks. According to the band, the album cover will be revealed in the next few days.



MELANCHOLICA was founded as a one-man project in summer 2010 by Afshin Effati. The same year, "The Nature of Winter EP" was released. Since then, the band was joined by new members. Since MELANCHOLICA started to work as a band, it released its first full length album "Lamentation For a Deprived Desire" and the EP "Dark Fortress".


As the band describes itself, its roots lie in the realm of collaborating with musicians around the world which have resulted in an Iranian-based online music band.


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