JorZine - RAFI FAKES - New Album Available For Free Download

RAFI FAKES - New Album Available For Free Download


Syrian guitarist RAFI FAKES has set his new album "Sounds of Forsaken Siege" for free download. The guitarist, who is also a member of the veteran Heavy Metal band THE HOURGLASS, has recorded his first solo album in his home studio in the war-torn city of Aleppo.


You can download "Sounds of Forsaken Siege" clicking HERE





01 - On The Morning of 28 July (Intro)
02 - The Sword in Beroia
03 - Unleash the Fear
04 - Peaceable
05 - A District in the City's Portion
06 - The Whole Town (feat. Shant Kerbabian)
07 - The War of Nomad
08 - Occupy Humanity (feat. Shant Kerbabian)
09 - Things We Are Sorrounded By
10 - The Theater of No Light
11 - In The Middle of Broken City
12 - On the Night of 11 November (Outro)



RAFI FAKES commented about his new album: "The project started when I released 'Unleash The Fear' song, I saw good light for making it a whole album inspired by the situation my city lives in. The entire album was recorded with very simple equipments: Small room (home studio) with extreme bad war conditions and big lack of basics such as electricity, communication and some musical accessories. All album composed, arranged, recorded and completed by me.

Finally, after a year and half of composing and recording, my first album "The Sounds of Forsaken Siege" is now available for you guys to download for free"


You can listen to RAFI FAKES reportoire on the artist's SoundCloud Page


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