JorZine - BENEVOLENT - Song From New Album Online

BENEVOLENT - Song From New Album Online


Dubai-based Experimental Metal band BENEVOLENT are streaming a new song titled "The Seeker" off of the upcoming album which features drum icon Andols Herrick (ex-CHIMAIRA). The new album, the band’s first full length album, titled "The Covenant" boasts 11 new songs and is the follow up to the debut EP “Divided” which was released in 2010.


The new song "The Seeker", is the first single that surfaces from "The Covenant" and is now available for streaming along with the ambient instrumental track which follows it on the album, titled "Radiate". You can check the songs out below or clicking HERE



When talking about working with Andols Herrick, the band's guitarist and co-founder Hadi Sarieddine said: "Having Andols Herrick play drums on our album is something that makes us all real proud. I think there's something for everyone to enjoy on this album, whether it is the technical math moments or the simple flowing bits."

When discussing working with BENEVOLENT, Andols Herrick said: "I love having the opportunity to work with a great band, who happens to represent the Middle East scene very well. I was quite impressed with the quality of the music and vocals."

BENEVOLENT's frontman and co-founder Fadi Sarieddine, said: "We cannot be more excited to share the album with everyone. It's a true representation of that chapter of our lives that took place since the release of Divided."

He added: "The record sounds exactly the way that we all pictured it when we were putting it together. There's a lot more prog on The Covenant, and a lot more moments for both ambient and groove metal lovers to enjoy."


"The Covenant" runs a total of 64 minutes and will be available digitally on March 18th 2014 through the band's official BandCamp Page. The album's cover artwork can be seen as follows:





01- Void
02- Asphyxia
03- The Seeker
04- Radiate
05- Illusion
06- Heathen
07- The Collector
08- Dissipate
09- Metamorphosis
10- Ascension
11- Rebirth



The band's guitarist Mohammed Gad described the album saying: "The Covenant has a great deal of experimental elements and a vast variety of musical moments. The songs go from really dark and ridiculously heavy to an ambient and shimmering vibe with clean vocals within seconds. It's a really packed blend which represents our musical backgrounds with several twists."

"The Covenant" was recorded at Haven Studio in Dubai. The album was engineered, produced, and mixed by Hadi Sarieddine and was mastered by TESSERACT's Acle Kahney at 4D Sounds in the UK.


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