JorZine - BROOD OF HATRED - New Album Artwork Revealed

BROOD OF HATRED - New Album Artwork Revealed


Tunisian Death metallers BROOD OF HATRED have revealed the artwork of their upcoming album titled "Skinless Agony". The artwork was done by H-Hich Design. As the band previously announced, the new album's music is centered on exploring new horizons in terms of atmosphere and lyrical themes, tainted by the accelerating rate of change that our world is experiencing. The album is expected to be released in early 2014 in both digital and hard format starting with Scandinavia/Europe.


"Skinless Agony" will be the band's first full length album. The band's previous releases are the single "Cacophony in the Creation" and "New Order of Intelligence EP", both released in 2012. You can listen to them at the band's BandCamp Page





1. Deconstruction
2. The mind that Emerged
3. Technological Genocide
4. Cacophony In The Creation
5. The singularity is near
6. Skinless Agony
7. Predestined Suicide
8. Obsession
9. Disbelief Grows



The band shot months ago a video clip for the new album's song "Skinless Agony". It was directed and produced by Mohamed Melki, the assistant directors were Wassim Aouini and Aziz Ben Rejeb, the post-production process was done by Mehdi Aouini.


You can watch "Skinless Agony" video below or clicking HERE



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