JorZine - DECAYING PURITY - New Album Details Revealed

DECAYING PURITY - New Album Details Revealed


Turkish Brutal Death metallers DECAYING PURITY have revealed some details from their upcoming album titled "Malignant Resurrection Of The Fallen Souls". The band's third full length album features 10 new songs of relentless barbarism, accompanied by some killer artwork by Paolo "The Madman" Girardi. It was recorded, mixed and mastered on Sound Damage Productions Studio, as it was done on the band's previous album "The Existence of Infinite Agony".


"Malignant Resurrection Of The Fallen Souls" will be released in March by Sevared Records. The release date will be released soon.





01 - Declaration Of The Endless Wrath
02 - Sodomized Entities of Holiness
03 - Everlasting Hell in Sanctity
04 - Ominous Skies Over The Blessed Ones
05 - Unearthly Creation From The Depths
06 - Conquer, Dethrone and Slay
07 - Infernal Restraints Over Purgatory
08 - Capture The Sanctimonious Souls
09 - Ancestry Of The Forsaken
10 - Martial Voices From Nothingness



DECAYING PURITY's longtime bassist Malik Çamlıca has parted ways with the band. The bass parts of the album have been recorded by guitarist Mustafa Gürcalioğlu. The band is currently looking for a permanent bass player.


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