JorZine - RAGER BLAZE - New Album For Streaming

RAGER BLAZE - New Album For Streaming


Iranian Hard Rock/Metal band RAGER BLAZE has set its debut self titled album for streaming. All the songs have been produced, performed, recorded and mixed by the Iranian guitarist and sound engineer Ehsan Imani. According to the band's Facebook Page, the album will be available for streaming only until 8th January.


You can listen to "Rager Blaze" in its entirety clicking HERE





01. Fly So High
02. Show Me That You're Awake
03. Rager Blaze
04. Into Now
05. Don't You Wanna Shout
06. Can't Wander Off
07. Blue Flames
08. Break It Down
09. Shine
10. Fight So Bright (Ft. Amin Yahyazadeh)



The band defines its own sound as modern grooves edged by vintage Hard Rock music. The band's only memeber is Ehsan Imani, who enrolled at Berklee College Of Music online and learned advanced guitar techniques from Paul Wardingham. RAGER BLAZE is gonna roll into a new realm of Heavy Rock music, with offering new and improved styles of modern Hard Rock music.


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