JorZine - SABHANKRA - New Album's Tracklist Revealed

SABHANKRA - New Album's Tracklist Revealed


Turkish Folk/Death Metal band SABHANKRA has revealed the tracklist of its upcoming album titled "Seers Memoir". The album, whose release date hasn't been announced yet, follows up the band's EP "Swords in the Night", which was released in April 2011. The artwork was designed by Plish artist Marta Sokolowska.





01 - Pyron
02 - Against The False Gods
03 - We March
04 - Seers Memoir
05 - The Windshaper
06 - Time Of War
07 - Dancing With Death
08 - Fate Is Already Written
09 - A Star To Shine
10 - Easing The Pain



SABHANKRA recently recorded a cover of the song "Ne Ola Yar Ola" from Turkish legendary singer Barış Manço. You can check it clicking HERE


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