JorZine - ILLUSION'S PLAY - Sign Record Deal With Fono Ltd

ILLUSION'S PLAY - Sign Record Deal With Fono Ltd


Turkish Funeral Doom metallers ILLUSION'S PLAY have signed a record deal with the Russian label Fono Ltd for releasing their debut album "The Fading Light". The album, which is due to be released on 21st January 2014, will be composed of 5 tracks of Atmospheric Funeral Doom Metal with Gothic influences. The artwork was done by Alice Biddau.


You can check a teaser of "The Fading Light" clicking HERE





1. When My Ashes Touch The Sun
2. The Deceased Before Life
3. The Shades (The Fading Light Part 2)
4. Ablend Lyfthelm
5. The Dawn



ILLUSION'S PLAY is a side project of two members of the Turkish Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal band ANLIPNES. Apart from keyboardist Berrin Yahyaoglu and guitarist/vocalist Vitaliy Petrenko, the band also features Mehmet Salih Ozsoy as guest vocalist.


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