JorZine - CARTHAGODS - New Album Details Announced

CARTHAGODS - New Album Details Announced


Tunisian Heavy metallers CARTHAGODS have revealed some details regarding their upcoming album titled "Unconsciousness Kills". It will be composed of 8 tracks and will be produced by Dutch guitarist Marcel Coenen (SUN CAGED, LEMUR VOICE), who will also play in the album. The album will be released through the German label Hands of Blue Records and it is expected to be available on spring 2014.


As the band reported on its Facebook Page, the new album's artwork will be designed by DARK TRANQUILLITY's guitarist Niklas Sundin, who has worked in the past with several bands such as ARCH ENEMY, AT THE GATES, NAGLFAR or the Saudi Metal band WASTED LAND


"Unconsciousness Kills" will be CARTHAGODS' first full length album.



As we previously reported, the band will open for the North American Metal giants ICED EARTH on their upcoming concert in El Marsa, Tunisia. The event, which will be the band's first show in Tunisia ever, will take place on Wednesday 26th February 2014 at Le Plug Rock Bar.


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