JorZine - NAPALM DEATH - Special Performance To Be Streamed Live

NAPALM DEATH - Special Performance To Be Streamed Live


Napalm Death and Keith Harrison's live performance collaboration, Bustleholme, is taking place this Friday, November 29th. Originally planned to feature at the V&A Museum (London) in March, the Bustleholme project has been given a new life amongst the Modernist setting of the De La Warr Pavillion. The band will play a special live set through an experimental sculptural sound system constructed by Harrison. As the band starts to play, the raw-energy of the sound produced will reverberate inside the clay, causing it to slowly crack, disintegrate and explode, changing the music as it does. 

This groundbreaking project which sold out in less than 12 hours will see the band come together with ceramicist Keith Harrison, to depict and destroy a custom built installation during a one off live performance.

The event will be streamed live from 7pm (UK time) / 20:00 CET at this location. If you can't attend, you can always check it out.

Keith Harrison, V&A Ceramics Resident: "My interest in Napalm Death started in the late eighties when as a teenager in Birmingham I would listen to John Peel's evening radio show when they would appear out of nowhere in jaw dropping fashion, sometimes for no more than a few seconds. The raw, uncompromising energy of Napalm Death will be used to activate a set of three specially created ceramic sound systems based on the group of vivid blue and yellow tiled tower blocks on the Bustleholme Mill estate, West Bromwich where I was born."

Mark "Barney" Greenway, vocalist of Napalm Death: "Sound as a weapon - or a weapon of change - is a very interesting concept and I think that the whole process of our sound gradually degrading clay sculptures is captivating. The noise element of music should never be understated and this event at De La Warr Pavilion will hopefully demonstrate that music can do interesting things beyond the realms of clipped production techniques. On a personal level, particularly of interest to me is the fact that the sculptor Keith grew up around the very same area as me in Great Barr, Birmingham, and basing his sculptures around the tower blocks in that area brings back a lot of quirky memories mixed with the impressions of shameful deprivation in some of those places." 

Source: Metalstorm.


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