JorZine - AS AUTUMN CALLS - Issues Update On New Album

AS AUTUMN CALLS - Issues Update On New Album


Rain Without End Records has issued the following announcement about As Autumn Calls gearing up to release a new album:


"As Autumn Calls is a 4-piece atmospheric death/doom band from Canada. The band originally formed in 2005 and is currently working on their 2nd full length release 'Cold, Black & Everlasting.'


"The album is a natural progression from the 2009 Emotionless EP and continues to push forward the musical direction of the band, delving deeper into dark, cold atmospheres and warm acoustic arrangments.


"The band is currently recording 'Cold, Black & Everlasting' which will be ready for a 2013 release on RWE Records. The album will consist of 7 tracks and once again feature original artwork by Wallace R. Gillard. The official album cover and track listing will be posted soon."


You can also listen to the previously released EP "Emotionless" over at this location.


Source: metalunderground. 


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