JorZine - VALLENFYRE - New Album In April, To Begin Recordings

VALLENFYRE - New Album In April, To Begin Recordings


A few months ago, Vallenfyre pleased their fans by revealing that their second album and follow-up to A Fragile King was in the works. Now the death metal band led by Paradise Lost guitarist Gregor Mackintosh has confirmed a worldwide release for the album in April of 2014 via Century Media Records. It's only a few months away. 



Furthermore, the group also announced that they will begin the recordings in January 2014 at GodCity Studio in Salem, Massachusetts. Produced by Kurt Ballou (ConvergeBlack BreathNails), this currently untitled album "will see the crusty death-doom merchants take their sound to new extremes." 

Gregor Mackintosh comments: "We were very pleased with our debut album as a dirty mix of all our earliest death, doom and crust influences. On the follow-up, we want to take this much further and develop our own niche. It will be a stench-ridden, grim, face-melter that will separate the men from the boys."

Stay tuned for more news coming soon.

Source: Metalstorm.


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