JorZine - MOURNING BELOVETH - Premiere Debut Video

MOURNING BELOVETH - Premiere Debut Video


"Theories Of Old Bones", a brand new official video from Irish death/doom masters Mourning Beloveth, is now available for your eyes and ears here. The song is taken from their latest album, Formless, which was released earlier this year. This video clip is also the band's first official one they have ever released. Check it out and enjoy!



Vocalist Darren Moore explained the video's themes as such: "It wasn't going to be an easy task to shoot a video for one of our songs, in the main due to their length. The story was already there in the lyrics of the song it was a matter of putting visuals to it. The lyrics ask questions on our existence, are we just here to pass time or to use it, is it a mere heavy existence we go through each day counting the days to our death or is there a purpose to all this…or do we have a choice? I read somewhere about Christians in the old days who carried a pouch made of newborn lambskin around their necks to carry the nails for their coffin upon their death and it struck a chord of how fatalistic some people are.

The video itself is perhaps a journey through a half dream, a moment in the pit of existence where life has drifted away to some far off point inside leaving the body to automatic ruin. It is about time slowly gnawing at the entrails and the shadow of a silent death forever lurking through the ether."

Source: Metalstorm.


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