JorZine - SEPTICFLESH - 'A Fallen Temple' Reissue Cover Revealed

SEPTICFLESH - 'A Fallen Temple' Reissue Cover Revealed


While their fans are eagerly awaiting their new album, Greek extreme symphonic metal band Septicflesh has revealed today the brand new cover and the tracklist of their upcoming reissue of 1998's A Fallen Temple. The cover was designed by Seth Siro Anton and the album will be released on January 17th (January 21st in North America) via Season Of Mist. This remastered re-release includes four rare bonus tracks. 

"The Last Time" is a Paradise Lost cover which was previously only available on a long sold-out tribute album to one of the Greeks biggest influences, and the last three bonus tracks come from the 1998 The Eldest Cosmonaut EP.


01. Brotherhood Of The Fallen Knights
02. The Eldest Cosmonaut
03. Marble Smiling Face
04. Underwold Act 1
05. Temple Of The Lost Race
06. The Crypt
07. Setting Of The Two Suns
08. Erebus
09. Underwold Act 2
10. The Eldest Cosmonaut (Dark Mix)
11. The Last Time (Paradise Lost cover)
12. Underwold Act 3
13. Finale
14. The Eldest Cosmonaut (Single Version)

Septicflesh entered Devasoundz Studios in Athens last month to record their ninth album, the follow-up to 2011's The Great Mass. This forthcoming opus, yet untitled, should be out before summer 2014. 

Source: Metalstorm.


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