JorZine - SABATON - Announce New Drummer, New Album

SABATON - Announce New Drummer, New Album


Sabaton have just announced their new drummer. To put an end to the rumors that Robban Bäck would be coming back, or that Snowy Shaw would fill in for a while longer or take Robban's place permanently behind the drums, the power metallers revealed their new full-time drummer: Hannes Van Dahl. And there is more, the group will start recording the successor to Carolus Rex in a few weeks. Prepare yourself! 

You might know Hannes Van Dahl from Evergrey, and he has also worked as drum technician for Snowy during his time in Sabaton. He did his first show as a Sabaton member at this weekends show at Metal Hammer Paradise festival in Germany.

The band states: "We would of course like to thank Robban and Snowy for their great time in Sabaton, and we will continue to support them in everything they will do in the future! In just a few weeks we will start recording a new album and more details will be presented very soon! The topic for the new album is set and we are very excited, it's totally Sabaton."

Hannes Van Dahl stated on Evergrey's Facebook page: "Time for a needed explanation, time has come for me to move in new musical directions and I have no intentions what so ever of stopping playing drums or touring, Rather the opposite. I was asked by our friends in Sabaton to join them as a full time member and this feels like the right thing to do, and first and foremost what I want do to! This is a decision which everyone respects and there's no bad blood from any side. 

I am forever grateful to the four years I've had with Evergrey, all the things I have learned, all the places we've visited and all the wonderful people I've worked with and gotten to know. I wish them nothing but the best in the future! Evergrey have a new album coming out next year, even though I am not playing I am super stoked to pick it up when it's out! To Tom Englund, Rikard Zander, Marcus Jidell and Johan Niemann: faaaakkkk joooo! I love you guys! See you on the road..."

Source: Metalastorm.


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