JorZine - SLUMPARK CORRECTIONAL - Back To The Scene?



After a long time of silence, it seems Syrian Thrash metallers SLUMPARK CORRECTIONAL have finally came back to the Metal scene. The band has announced a concert in Lattakia, Syria on 3rd December. The event will take place at The Casino in Western Corniche St. and they will share the stage with the local Hard Rock/Metal cover band PAINKILLER BAND


We don't know if this concert will mean the comeback of this old gem from the Syrian scene, or if it is just a performance for the old times' sake. In any case, if you always dreamt to enjoy the band performing some of its hits such as "Dreaming Underneath Destruction", "Nowhere Through", "Fuck the United Nations" or "Ground Incursion", you shouldn't miss this chance!


More information about the event is available clicking HERE



SLUMPARK CORRECTIONAL was founded in 2003 by a group of Metal musicians in the coastal city of Lattakia, Syria. After 2 years of jam sessions and line up changes, the band finally released their first EP entitled "Dreaming Underneath Destruction". In 2006, the band released an online demo called "Classified As Scum". The demo included the songs "Nowhere Through" and "Lick The Droppings", which were featured in the band's next EP "F.T.U.N." that was released the following year. The EP included a cover of SEPULTURA's "Refuse/Resist", which was rearranged in a Modern Thrash Metal style, with a tendency towards oriental tunes.


These oriental influences became more obvious in the band's EP from 2008 "T(h)rash Of The Orient", where the band's decided to include some traditional instruments such as darbake and oud to their furious Thrash Metal music. After the release of their third EP, there were no more news about the band, despite the fact that it was probably the most mature album ever released by them.


You can listen to "T(h)rash Of The Orient" in its entirety on the media section of the band's Official Website


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