JorZine - KHALAS - New Album Released

KHALAS - New Album Released


Palestinian rockers KHALAS have just released their new album titled "Arabic Rock Orchestra". The album, which follows up the band's debut from 2004 "Ma Adesh Feeha", consists of 9 tracks where sensual Arabic beats and lyrics fuse with aggressive Metal riffs. "Arabic Rock Orchestra" features Palestinian rappers DAM as guests in the song "Min El Share'".


"Arabic Rock Orchestra" is available for purchasing clicking HERE





1. Min El Share' (feat. DAM)
2. Haz El Adala
3. Ala Remshe
4. Alf Leila
5. Gana El Hawa
6. Bdek Za'afe
7. Hebbina
8. Amoona
9. Mejwez



KHALAS are currently touring Europe as ORPHANED LAND's supporting act. "All is One European Tour" will take the band to France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Ireland.


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