JorZine - SERPENT'S BRIAR - Song From New Album Online

SERPENT'S BRIAR - Song From New Album Online


The Bahraini Experimental Metal one-man-band SERPENT'S BRIAR has posted a teaser track titled "Beauty In All But Human", taken from the band's upcoming album "Misogynistic Love". The album, which was fully arranged by the band's only member Omar 'Learza' A., was recorded at an independent homestudio. As the band recently announced on its Facebook Page, the album will be available soon for free download and streaming.


You can listen to "Beauty In All But Human" clicking HERE



SERPENT'S BRIAR is a Dark Ambient/Experimental one-man-band that originally formed back in the year 2007 by Omar 'Learza' A., from the Kingdom of Bahrain. He is also known for his other bands QAFAS, DHUL-QARNAYN and KUSOOF. The band's latest album is called "Neanderthal Syndrome" and was released in May 2012.


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