JorZine - SIRANNON - New EP Teaser Video Online

SIRANNON - New EP Teaser Video Online


Turkish Black metallers SIRANNON have posted a teaser video from their upcoming EP titled "Forgotten Laments Of The Forsaken". The EP, whose recording sessions started in January 2012 in Izmir and will consist in six tracks, will be released through the North American label Unmerciful Death Productions. The artwork was done by the Turkish graphic designer Asli Yeniay.


You can watch "Forgotten Laments Of The Forsaken" teaser video clicking HERE




1- Fallen (Intro)
2- The Shadow Queen
3- The Curse Of The Treacherous King
4- Return To The Abandoned Land
5- Elegy Of Ban Siths (Instrumental)
6- Forsaken (Outro)


The band posted the following statement at its Facebook Page: "We started recording new EP in January 2012 in Izmir-Turkey, experienced drastic changes both musically and visually, the style went through transformation. The work produced took the name of "Forgotten Laments Of The Forsaken" which has domineeringly clearer sound and concept than Semper Caliga. In this work that consists of 6 songs, technical and melodical guitars took place and new vocals used are more appropriate to the new sound. For Forgotten Laments Of The Forsaken it was also decided to work with Unmerciful Death Productions".


More details about "Forgotten Laments Of The Forsaken" will be announced soon.


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