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Algerian Progressive metallers RIVERGATE have set their new EP "Enter The Gate" for streaming. The EP is a conceptual blend of modernity and tradition, harsh power and transcending melodies through an atypical Progressive Metal. As we previously reported, "Enter The Gate" features ORPHANED LAND's guitarist Yossi Sassi and ACYL's vocalist Amine as guests on two tracks.


You can listen to "Enter The Gate" and purchase it clicking HERE




1 - Enter the Gate
2 - Chains of Memory
3 - Leaving as Blind
4 - Runaway
5 - Talking to Raven (feat. Yossi Sassi)
6 - Tears of the Machine (feat. Amine from ACYL)
7 - Runaway (Acoustic version) [Bonus Track]



"Enter The Gate" is the band's debut EP. It was produced and mixed by Younes Kacemi and Yazid from Audioman Studio. The artwork was designed by Zoubir Ben Ali. All the lyrics were written by Red Benlabed.


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