JorZine - DEADMOOON - Announce Split Up

DEADMOOON - Announce Split Up


Tunisian metallers DEADMOON have announced that the band has decided to call its quits. The band, which was formed in Nabeul in 2005, has only released a self-titled EP in Summer 2011. It can be downloaded clicking HERE


The band posted the following statement on their Facebook Page: "We are so saddened to announce the separation of the band!!! Thanks to all those who supported us throughout these years!!!"



DEADMOON's last concert was on the final of Le Plug Metal Asylum Battle, which took place on August 2013 in El Marsa, Tunisia. They shared the stage with the local band PERSONA and with GUNS'N ROSES guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal.


You can check a video from DEADMOON's last concert below or clicking HERE


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