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VIN SINNERS - New Single Online


Dubai-based rockers VIN SINNERS have released a new single titled "Kingdom Come", taken from their upcoming second album. The band had earlier announced that their new album called "A Mighty Black Box" with 13 tracks spanning over 75 minutes of music would be released in December 2013.


You can listen to "Kingdom Come" clicking HERE




01 - Open The Box
02 - Go For It
03 - Hard Slave Driver
04 - Make Me Feel Real
05 - Uglier Side Of Me
06 - Hail Ya Sinners Part II
07 - Journey
08 - Worlds Of A Difference
09 - Pill
10 - Dunno Why You'd Care
11 - Falling Away
12 - Kingdom Come
13 - On The Road



"Kingdom Come is incidentally the first song we began work on for this new album and we've performed it at many shows over the last year or so. It has a lot of input from former band members and in some way encapsulates the journey of VIN SINNERS over the past 3 years" said Vin Nair, band front-man and founder.

About the sound of the band and its new members, Vin said: "The current band has been around from the time we began work on this record except for Tazz who joined us a few months ago but has played a significant part in it as well but the sound you will hear on this album is nothing like the first one. It has a lot more power, great guitar licks and aggression but we've worked hard to retain the soulful elements that made the first record what it was."

The band's first album "An Element of Surprise" was received well in the Middle East and in India especially where 4 track made it to the Top of Indie charts paving the way for a successful tour of India in Feb 2013 in Mumbai and Chennai.

"This new album has been a long run for us in the studio. We began work on Oct 1st, 2012 and now have 13 tracks. We've also had changes in musicians but we acknowledge and respect the role that each one of them have played. We've been busy recording, working and then back to recording as all of us have day jobs and other commitments and its not easy but this is important for us so we've stuck with it and we can't believe its now done!" added Vin.


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