JorZine - HATECROWNED - New Album Release Date Announced

HATECROWNED - New Album Release Date Announced


Lebanese Black metallers HATECROWNED have set 9th November as the release date of their debut EP titled "Warpact - In Black". The EP was recorded at Mallah Recording Studio in Tripoli, Lebanon. Physical copies of "Warpact - In Black" will be available on several music stores, as well as through the main online music outlets.




1. Untitled
2. Raje'a Yetdammar Lebnan
3. Osqot Ya Insan
4. Yousbagh Al-Kawn Be Lawn Al-Ba's



HATECROWNED have announced a launch party for "Warpact - In Black". It will take place on 9th November at Rock Stock Pub in Jbeil, Lebanon. More information about the event is available clicking HERE


You can listen to the track "Untitled", taken from the band's upcoming EP clicking HERE


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