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ALCEST - Working On New Album


Alcest waste no time. The band's mastermind Neige announced via Facebook today that he and Winterhalter are already working on a new album, which they will start recording in March 2013.Cisco 220-802


Neige posted the following: "Hello there! Some days ago Winterhalter and I recorded demos for the next Alcest album, for which I have almost finished the songwriting. Only a few arrangements are missing, and the lyrics as well... In our case they always come late in the process. As I said in recent interviews, you can expect something different from Alcest's previous releases."Cisco 642-874


"I don't think there are any metal music elements anymore, though a lot of very intense parts and dynamics are still there. Things are just done in another way, and the core remains the same. That album will come back to the nostalgic side of Alcest, it's very dreamy, aquatic and a bit less progressive than the last two albums. Melodies are taking their time to grow, if you see what I mean. I feel very excited about these songs and this new approach feels very refreshing to me. I also can tell that the album will be recorded next March in Iceland at Sundlaugin, Sigur Rós' studios, with producer Birgir Jón Birgisson. There will also be guests appearances - more infos about this will come later. I will keep you posted!"ipad holder


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