JorZine - IHSAHN - New Song Available For Streaming

IHSAHN - New Song Available For Streaming


The release of Ihsahn's new album Das Seelenbrechen is fast approaching and it is time to listen to "Hiber" from the follow-up to Eremita. This new track has premiered previously on the radio but you can now stream it officially (HERE) as much times as you like and get a taste of Ihsahn's new creation. "Hiber" will be the album opener. 

"In contrast to the adventurous progressive shades and saxophone augmentations of his last two albums - After (2009) and Eremita (2011) - this latest masterpiece exists in an entirely unfamiliar sonic world, as Ihsahn draws upon his most esoteric influences, embraces the spirit of the avant-garde and creates a sonic tapestry like no other."

Das Seelenbrechen was recorded at Ihsahn's own studio in Norway in collaboration with drummer Tobias Ornes Andersen (also of prog crew Leprous) and drops on October 22nd via Candelight Records.


01. Hiber
02. Regen
03. NaCl
04. Pulse
05. Tacit 2
06. Tacit
07. Rec
08. M
09. Sub Ater
10. See
11. Entropie [limited edition bonus]
12. Hel [limited edition bonus]

Source: Metalstorm.


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