JorZine - FROSTAGRATH - New Album Available For Streaming

FROSTAGRATH - New Album Available For Streaming


Egyptian Depressive Black Metal one-man band FROSTAGRATH has set its new album titled "Extinguishing The Flame Of Life" for streaming. The album, which follows up the band's debut "A Journey Of Infinite Sorrow", will be released very soon through Rigorism Productions. The band will also release a limited edition of 20 numbered copies in DVD case with a different artwork and a cover of XASTHUR's "The Prison Of Mirrors" as bonus track. You can check "Extinguishing The Flame Of Life" limited edition's artwork clicking HERE


"Extinguishing The Flame Of Life" can be listened in its entirety at the band's BandCamp Page




1. A Gate Of Inner Hate
2. Drowning In A Maze Of Mirrors
3. Questioning A Disharmonic Existence
4. Existence (feat. Sayed Ragai)
5. Extinguishing The Flame Of Life
6. Escape: Farewell Life!
7. And Finally, The Death Caverns Will Carry Out My Soul
8. The Prison Of Mirrors (Xasthur cover) [Bonus Track]



FROSTAGRATH's mastermind Lord Mist was recently interviewed by JorZine. You can check out the interview clicking HERE


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