JorZine - FORGOTTEN - New Album Announced

FORGOTTEN - New Album Announced


Turkish Epic Metal band FORGOTTEN has announced a new album titled "Para Bellum". The recording sessions will start in Spring or Summer 2014, and as the band announced through its Facebook Page, several legendary musicians from the Turkish scene and some internationally renowned musicians will join the album as guests.



FORGOTTEN is the first Epic Metal band and one of the oldest and most respectable bands of Turkey. It was formed in 1995 when Tolga Otabatmaz wanted to play the melodies that came through deep inside of him loud. After releasing two demos titled “Conquer” and “Retreat”, the band stopped its activity for 9 years. In 2008, the band came back as Tolga Otabatmaz's solo project.


In October 2012, the band released its first full length album titled "13 Martyrs" through the Austrian label Noisehead Records.


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