JorZine - KAOTEON - Announce New Bassist

KAOTEON - Announce New Bassist


Lebanese Black/Death metallers KAOTEON have announced Sorg Of Death as the band's new bassist. He started as a bassist for a Thrash Metal band called SPYNE in 1999, then discovered his vocal abilities with a Power/Death metal band called ESKIMO DANCE in 2000. After both bands split-up, Sorg of Death was a founding member in the legendary UAE Tech Death Metal band ABHORRED as their vocalist and producer.


The band's guitarist and founder Anthony commented: "I am sure that Serge [Sorg Of Death] will bring a lot of motivation to the band especially that we know him since over a decade and it would be great to have him recording the new album, as well as performing live with KAOTEON in the future".


KAOTEON are currently working on their new album, as yet untitled. It will follow up "Veni Vidi Vomui", the band's debut full length album from 2011. The band's debut was released by the legendary French label Osmose Productions.


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