JorZine - HERETIC SOUL - New Album For Streaming

HERETIC SOUL - New Album For Streaming


Turkish Death metallers HERETIC SOUL have set their upcoming album titled "The Nihilistic Attitude" for streaming. The album, which follows up the band's debut from 2010 "Born Into This Plague", will be released on 29th October through the Canadian label PRC Music. The album was recorded at MMA Stüdyoları and engineered by İlter Kalkancı. It was mixed by Hertz Wieslawski Bros at Hertz Studio and the mastering process was arranged by Serhat Deniz.


You can listen to "The Nihilistic Attitude" in its entirety clicking HERE 





1. Nihilistic Attitude
2. Cancer Of Society
3. Release Your Ego
4. Corrupted Human Race
5. Life Is Torture
6. Liars Not Allowed
7. Stereotype
8. Sarcastic Smile
9. Suicidal State Of Mind



"The Nihilistic Attitude" can be pre-oredered clicking HERE


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