JorZine - TAAKE - To Take Part In Montreal Black Metal Festival

TAAKE - To Take Part In Montreal Black Metal Festival


For the third year in a row, Sepulchral Productions is organizing a 3-day black metal festival in Montreal, Canada. This year's lineup will include Norwegian black metallersTaake who will play their first ever show in North America on the 29th of November at the Messe des Morts Festival

You can buy tickets for the fest over here.

The lineup:

Genèse (November 28th):

  • Baptism (Finland, first North American show)
  • Demonic Christ (USA, first Canadian shows)
  • Ptahil (USA, first Canadian shows)
  • Incandescence (Québec)

    Psaume I (November 29th):
    Théâtre Plaza

  • Taake (Norway, first North American show)
  • Horna (Finland, first Canadian show)
  • Throne Of Katarsis (Norway, first North American show)
  • Délétère (Québec, first show)
  • Endless Horizon (Québec)
  • Issfenn (Québec)
  • Acédia (Québec)

    Psaume II (November 30th):
    Théâtre Plaza

  • Tsjuder (Norway, first Canadian show in 12 years)
  • Sargeist (Finland, first Canadian show)
  • Gehenna (Norway, first North American show)
  • Belenos (France, first North American show, old-school set)
  • Megiddo (Ontario)
  • Au-delà des Ruines (Québec, ex-Culte d'Ébola, first show ever)
  • Existe (Québec)

    Source: Metalstorm.


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