JorZine - BILOCATE - Definitive 10th Anniversary European Tour Dates Announced

BILOCATE - Definitive 10th Anniversary European Tour Dates Announced


Jordanian Doom/Death metallers BILOCATE have announced their definitive European Tour dates. After being announced as the supporting act of ORPHANED LAND's European Tour a couple of months ago, they have finally confirmed the tour dates which BILOCATE will take part. The tour will mark the band's 10th anniversary.


You can check the band's upcoming European Tour dates as follows:



The band, whose tour was supposedly going to take place from 20th September to 26th October, was forced cancel some of the shows due to unforeseen circumstances. Regarding this issue, bassist Hani Al Abadi posted the following statement at the band's Facebook Page:



"France, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Balkan, Italy; forgive us, as much as we’ve wanted to play the shows for you, our hands were tight to the point of losing this whole tour, we’ve faced endless problems and came up with extreme solutions just to make it, to share few:


Our drummer couldn’t make it less than 20 days before the tour, and after a long search, we’ve managed to welcome Mathias to takeover, we’ve had a lead Guitarist Zaher – Session – all fired up and ready – got the visa’s and good to go, 2 days from the show in France, he hurt his hands and was unable to make it, yet again within an extreme tight time and short notice we’ve managed to welcome Sion to cover.


2 days ago our entire participation in this tour was about to be canceled, the Schengen visa’s have been delayed to the point we couldn’t apply to Romania or Serbia, accompanied with urgent matters raised up for some of the band members, so we’re really sorry we had to cut it short, but definitely this won't be our last time and we will try to make it up for our beloved fans."



As we previously reported, the band is currently working on new material for a new release which will commemorate the band's 10th anniversary. More news about the album and composing progress will be revealed soon.


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