JorZine - GEHENNA - Streaming New Song

GEHENNA - Streaming New Song


Gehenna fans had to wait a bit for a new album following 2005's WW but a new song has recently premiered online. "The Decision" was the chosen song to show off material from Unravel and you can listen to it now through Soundcloud HERE. This is the album opener which sets the mood. The black metal band is also celebrating their 20-year anniversary this year. Was it worth the wait? 

Indie Recordings will release the new album on October 11th in Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and October 14th in the rest of Europe/world.


01. The Decision
02. Unravel
03. Nothing Deserves Worship
04. Nine Circles Of Torture
05. A Grave Of Thoughts
06. Lead To The Pyre
07. End Ritual
08. Death Enters

Source: Metalstorm.


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