JorZine - VALE TUDO - Moroccan Tour Announced

VALE TUDO - Moroccan Tour Announced


The Swiss Hardcore band VALE TUDO has announced that they will be touring Morocco from 28th September to 5th October. The band, which was recently announced as the headlining act of Rock The Palm Festival, will perform in Morocco for the first time ever. You can check VALE TUDO's Moroccan tour dates below:



28.09.2013 - Rock The Palm Festival, Marrakesh
+ Suicide Machine + Riot Stones + Into The Evernight + Carnival Slaughter


29.09.2013 - Art Session, Sale
+ Mean Street + Chemical Bliss + Into the Evernight


01.10.2013 - B-Rock, Casablanca
+ Mean Street + W.O.R.M.


04.10.2013 - Jardins Lahboul, Meknes
+ Mean Street + Sakadoya + Alcantagram


05.10.2013 - In front of Hotel Golden Tulip, Rabat
+ Mean Street + Riot Stones + TBA band



More information about VALE TUDO's Moroccan tour is available clicking HERE


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