JorZine - DREAM THEATER - Full New Album Streaming Online

DREAM THEATER - Full New Album Streaming Online


One of the most anticipated progressive metal albums of the year, Dream Theater's new self-titled album, is already streaming online in its entirety. What? The official release of the album is only on September 24th via Roadrunner but who is complaining?

A Dramatic Turn Of Events was released two years ago already with Mike Mangini on drums but Dream Theater is the first where he actually contributed to the songwriting. Listen up, digest it and then let us know your impressions.



01. False Awakening Suite
i. Sleep Paralysis
ii. Night Terrors
iii. Lucid Dream
02. The Enemy Inside
03. The Looking Glass
04. Enigma Machine
05. The Bigger Picture
06. Behind The Veil
07. Surrender To Reason
08. Along For The Ride
09. Illumination Theory
i. Paradoxe de la Lumière Noire
ii. Live, Die, Kill
iii. The Embracing Circle
iv. The Pursuit Of Truth
v. Surrender, Trust & Passion

Source: Metalstorm.


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