JorZine - ANOREKSI - New EP For Streaming

ANOREKSI - New EP For Streaming


Turkish Melodic Death metallers ANOREKSI have set their new EP titled "Bring Me An Hourglass" for streaming. The EP was recorded between 2012 and 2013 and follows up the band's debut full length album from 2011 titled "Rise of Infinity". They have also announced that the album will be available soon through iTunes and Amazon.


You can listen to "Bring Me An Hourglass" in its entirety or download it clicking at the band's BandCamp Page



ANOREKSI recently recorded a new video for the track "My Suicides", taken from the band's new EP. The video was shot by Süleyman Koray Uğurlu and was edited by Onur Kaplan and Anıl Sevener.


You can watch "My Suicides" below or clicking HERE


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