JorZine - ELUVEITIE - Working On New Album

ELUVEITIE - Working On New Album


Swiss metallers Eluveitie have officially confirmed that the rumours that you might have heard are in fact true: their new album is in the works. The band will start focusing fully on the new album when their world tour ends in a few weeks but the songwriting is underway. What do you want to hear on the follow-up to Helvetios? We will know more about it soon. 

The band stated: "Some of you might have heard rumours or picked up side remarks in an interview... so yeah, we hereby officially confirm: we are working on a new album!

During the next few weeks, the Helvetios World Tour will come to its end (after leading us all around the globe for 20 months). This is when we will take a break from touring and playing live (except for this year's edition of the Eluveitie & Friends Festival, of course) and fully focus on the follow-up album to Helvetios! Already now the workings run at full force - both, conceptionally and in song writing! So keep your eyes and ears open! You can expect more news on this soon!"

Source: Metalstorm.


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