JorZine - INSOMNIUM - 'One For Sorrow' Studio Documentary Online

INSOMNIUM - 'One For Sorrow' Studio Documentary Online


While they are working on a new album, Finnish metallers Insomnium have posted online the first part of the "Making of" documentary of their time in the studio recording their Century Media debut full-length album, One For Sorrow. You can watch Part 1 of the documentary HERE directed by Jussi Ratilainen. 


The band comments: "During the spring 2011 our good friend Jussi Ratilainen decided to shoot some video of Insomnium, which was supposed to become a short, making-of-documentary about writing and recording of our latest album One For Sorrow. As you already know, things took unexpected turn and we lost a band member and a good friend, Ville Vänni, during this process. Luckily, during the same year we also found the best imaginable fit and new member from Markus Vanhala. This is our first-ever video release telling how One for Sorrow came into being. It's also a story about friendship and dedication; about four guys chasing a dream while trying to make ends meet. In all its honesty."

Source: Metalstorm.


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