JorZine - GOROD - Part Ways With Drummer

GOROD - Part Ways With Drummer


French tech death metallers Gorod have recently announced the departure of their drummer Samuel Santiago. Samuel was part of the group for the last 5 years, appearing on Process Of A New Decline and A Perfect Absolutionstudio albums. Check out the full statement of the band below.



The band states: "Hello to you all. These few words to let you know that our drummer Samuel Santiago is no longer in Gorod. The reasons for this split up only concern Samuel and Gorod, no other statements will be made about this. 

The few gigs booked for the end of the year are confirmed and will be done with a temporary drummer. These gigs will be the the last concerning A Perfect Absolution album. In the following weeks Gorod will focus and start to compose for a new album...and - we have few ideas - we will search for a new drummer. More news soon."


Source: Metalstorm.


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