JorZine - CHTHONIC - Another New Video Released

CHTHONIC - Another New Video Released


Taiwanese melodic black metallers Chthonic have premiered another video off their latest album Bú-Tik released this year. The new video for "Set Fire To The Island" directed by Hoiji Huang and Alulu Kuo features live footage from last year's Mass Battle concert in Taiwan and serves as a teaser for their pending Next Republic Asia Tour 2013. Enjoy it here.


Bassist Doris Yeh had this to say: "This is the live video we shot when we first played the song. It's the most exciting song to play off the entire album! It has now become a 'tradition' for the fans in Taiwan to come to our show with ghost money, they throw in the air to show respect and release all kinds of their emotions. When I see the ghost money thrown in the air, sometimes the scenery before my eyes seems like a dream."

Source: Metalstorm.


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