JorZine - BLOODBATH - To Record New Album In January

BLOODBATH - To Record New Album In January


Following the release of their latest album The Fathomless Mastery and the departure of fellow vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt, Bloodbath fans have patiently awaited announcement of the new material along with the details of the mystery vocalist who will be making his mark on the band's timeline. While the latter information isn't yet available, the band has recently stated that they will begin recording the upcoming new album in January, 2014.

Commented by the band: "To everyone nagging on us (we understand...) to reveal the new singer, we will not do this until we have audio to go with it, so please be patient. To everyone asking when they can expect the new album to be released, we've set aside time in January to record it. So album title, cover artwork and release date will follow once that's in motion. Thanks for your support and helping us recycle death metal, once again."

While several details remain uncertain, the writing process has begun and we can count on Bloodbath to write some killer albeit "recycled" death metal once more.

Source: Metalstorm.


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