JorZine - BE'LAKOR - Update On New Album

BE'LAKOR - Update On New Album


Among those who still hold faith in melodeath, Be'lakor's upcoming opus is certainly on their wishlist. The Australian band has been throwing hints our way on their Facebook page. This time around, the band seems inclined to take into account their fans' (constructive) opinions. Whether or not they actually influence the album will only be made apparent after our first glimpse of the material but Be'lakor's album number four is on its way. 

A few updates from the band include the following:


  • "...We're also thinking about ideas for the next album's theme. There's a good chance it will be a concept album. Stay tuned, more updates to come!"
  • "...The first new song for the next album is also nearly complete. We're able to explore more ideas this time around..."
  • "...favourite Be'lakor riff, and why? ... Keen to hear your thoughts as we continue to work on album number four!"
  • "...favourite metal producer? Anyone you'd like to see us work with?"

    Shaun and John hard at work on new material. Also present: a pot belly heater for warmth, and an Axe-Fx II for effects and pre-amping

    The band's latest offering Of Breath And Bone won the best Melodeath / Extreme Power / Gothenburg Metal album on Metal Storm Awards 2012.



Source: Metalstorm.


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