JorZine - AMADEUS AWAD - New Solo EP Tracklist Revealed

AMADEUS AWAD - New Solo EP Tracklist Revealed


Lebanese guitar maestro AMADEUS AWAD has revealed the tracklist of his upcoming solo EP titled "Schizanimus". The EP shows the artist venturing into a new style that combines Ambient elements with Progressive Rock sounds and a hint of psychedelic flow.350-001 dumps


"Schizanimus" features British 000-017 exam drummer Gavin Harrison (PORCUPINE TREE, OSI, KING CRIMSON...), bassist Dan Veall, vocalist Elia I. Monsef (AMADEUS AWAD'S EON, OSTURA) and keyboardist Danny Bou-Maroun (OSTURA) as guest musicians.650-752





1. The Poetry Of Time.
2. Noir
3. Song For A Loner



"Schizanimus" was recorded at Broken Records Production Studios (except drums and bass). The album was mixed by Karim B. Sinno and mastered by Simon Laham. Its artwork was designed by Bernard Bou Kheir. The album will be released on 13th August through the North American label Melodic Revolution Records.


The guitarist commented about his new solo EP: "I am really thrilled and extremely happy about this work, it really marks the apogee of my musicianship. Thank you for the support and love my dears".


AMADEUS AWAD has recently announced a release party for "Schizanimus". The release party will take place on Tuesday 13th August at Metro al Madina in Beirut, Lebanon. Attenders will be able to watch the guitarist playing the songs of his new EP, as well as the Celtic Rock singer APRIL alongside her band.


More information about the event is available clicking HERE


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