JorZine - DRAGONRIDER - New Album Details Revealed

DRAGONRIDER - New Album Details Revealed


Jordanian Power metallers DRAGONRIDER have revealed some details from their upcoming album titled "Scepter Of Domination". The band's upcoming effort will contain 12 tracks and will feature several international guest vocalists such as Carsten "Lizard" Schulz (EVIDENCE ONE), Veronica Freeman (BENEDICTUM) and Jaden Adair (ADORA VIVOS). The artwork, which was designed by Dusan Markovic, can be seen below.



DRAGONRIDER's track "By The Power Of Metal", which features Veronica Freeman as guest vocalist, was included in "Warriors of Metal - VI Festival Compilation Album". The album features 17 underground Metal bands from the USA, Australia, Sweden, Greece, Poland and other countries, and will be distributed through several US Metal labels and mailorders.


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