JorZine - MASSIVE SCAR ERA - Announce Sherif Abdallah As Drummer For Upcoming Concert In Germany

MASSIVE SCAR ERA - Announce Sherif Abdallah As Drummer For Upcoming Concert In Germany


Egyptian Post-Hardcore band MASSIVE SCAR ERA has announced Sherif Abdallah (ex-LAST REMAINING LIGHT, THE JOKERS) as the drummer on the band's upcoming concert in Germany, as part of FreakStock Festival 2013 line up. The festival will take place from 31st July to 4th August in Borgentreich, located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. They will be sharing the stage with BETRAYING THE MARTYS, THE ALGORITHM, RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA and many other bands from Europe.


Regarding this issue, the band posted the following statement on their Facebook Page: "Our beloved drummer Maged can't travel outside the country since he has to declare his position from the army, therefore Sherif Abdallah will be replacing him for our upcoming show in Germany's FreakStock Festival.


The young and very talented drummer Sherif Abdallah (18 years old) is the former member of the Egyptian Metalcore band LAST REMAINING LIGHT and he is also the current drummer of the Egyptian Psychedelic Rock band THE JOKERS.


We have to say that we've enjoying our jam sessions so much with Sherif. He's very energetic, consistent, powerful and FUN. He [has become] our friend for the past year and [he also] plays with Bayoki in another side project which makes it very easy for us to connect and enjoy our songs with him.


Freakstock ... We can't wait!"


MASSIVE SCAR ERA have recently released a new single titled "My Ground". The single was recorded at Vibe For Developing Arts Studio in Cairo, Egypt by Taher Saleh and has been released through the British label Death Cap Records.


You can listen to "My Ground" at the band's SoundCloud Page


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