JorZine - KILLSWITCH ENGAGE - Drummer Breaks Collarbone, Fill-In Announced

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE - Drummer Breaks Collarbone, Fill-In Announced


Killswitch Engage's drummer Justin Foley is going through a rough time. He recently had a bicycle accident and broke his collarbone and therefore will not be able to do the band's upcoming Asia/Europe tour that begins later this week. However, the band isn't cancelling any dates as they found a replacement in longtime friend Jordan Mancino from As I Lay Dying which cancelled all of their tours due to what happened to Tim Lambesis. If all goes well, Justin Foley should be back on track in time for the North American tour with Lamb Of GodTestament and Huntress which starts in late October. 

Justin had the following to say: "I've never missed a show, and I'm devastated that I have to miss this tour. I'd like to apologize to the fans and everyone involved with KsE for the inconvenience I've caused. I will do everything in my power to heal and return at full strength and as quickly as possible. In the meantime, I'm positive that Jordan will kill it and the band won't miss a beat without me. I'm honored to have such a monster player fill in. See you all very soon."

Jordan Mancino added: "I'm stoked to have this opportunity to help out Justin and my brothers in KsE. A few years back, Justin filled in for me on tour while I was dealing with the passing of my father. I'm now able to return the favor with a hope that Justin will heal from his injury quickly and effectively so he can get back out here and shred as he always does for the KsE fans!" 

Source: Metalstorm.


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